Up in the Air


Aruba was amazing. Getting there was awful.

** Disclaimer: This experience is mine and mine alone. The following story is based on true events that may or may not be true of other Potsies. I do not claim to speak for anybody else.**

So let’s recap my posts thus-far. What is POTS? POTS is the body’s inability to regulate changes in blood pressure and pulse due to a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system. What is turbulence on an airplane? Pressure change.

Putting two and two together, what happens when you put a Potsie on a turbulent airplane? Said Potsie does not become nervous on the plane because said Potsie has flown many times before. This being said, the Potsie has not flown since her POTS has come out of its shell, so to speak. So, combining a person with very little ability to regulate pressure in her own body, and significant pressure changes around her, this Potsie’s body will have a VERY difficult time remaining upright.

If you couldn’t tell from my ranting, that Potsie would be me.

I recently went to Aruba with my family and it was a wonderful time! Ask me about it if you want details of the trip! What I want to discuss now, though, are my thoughts on flying with POTS.

I’ve never flown with POTS before, so this was a new adventure.

Flying down to the island was relatively okay. I only blacked out and lost my vision a little bit during takeoff and landing, resulting in me crying twice and struggling to stay conscious. That was a walk in the park compared to the return trip.
IMG_3803I started out the trip by having anxiety issues at the airport. That’s when the POTS started to go downhill. So we got a wheelchair and whizzed through security. Great. We waited at the gate for about four hours, during which time I donned my compression garments. Waist- high tights and full-length sleeves. (Keep in mind, this was Aruba…… hot to begin with, made hotter by my new fashion statement.) We got on the plane, which I was dreading to begin with, after flying down and blacking out on takeoff and landing, and I sat down in my seat. I immediately started crying…. We hadn’t even moved yet.

We took off…. I blacked out again. I was still wearing all of my compression gear, chugging my NormaLyte, and squeezing every muscle of my body, fighting to stay conscious.IMG_3807

We got into the air and the turbulence started. As I stated before, turbulence is a change in air pressure. I’m sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but those airline cabins are not as pressurized as you might think….. I. Felt. Everything. Every little bump sent me spinning. And chugging. And swelling. And struggling. And crying. And fighting to stay upright.

This went on for the entire flight. I was fighting my body for five hours straight. It was all- out war.

Anyway, all of this is just to say that when flying as a Potsie, you should be prepared to tackle your POTS head-on. I didn’t know what to expect from flying and now I know that I love traveling, but flying is not something I’d like to do very often in the future.

Email me at potsienb@gmail.com and tell me about your travel experiences! I’d love to hear how you all manage while everything is “up in the air!”

The Miracle Mix

I’d like to share with you my new favorite Potsie product- Normalyte.IMG_2968

I discovered this miraculous mixture at the Dysautonomia International Conference this year, where they were participatng as part of the vendor fair. I ran into the Normalyte developpers there, and got talkng to Sam Lee, one of the people who created it.

They explained to me that it is a powdered drink mix, developed by pharmacists and chemists, in order to achieve better hydration by using the body’s natural chemistry. So from my very limited understanding of biochemistry, the body has glucose-sodium receptors (not sure if that’s their real title, but that’s what I’m going to call them), that transmit glucose and salt at the same time to parts of the body, hydrating them. You can’t transmit one without the other, so by creating a drink with both glucose and sodium at the same time, the body can absorb it better, making a much better sodium AND fluid intake for those of us that need it.

NormalyteYou just open a packet, pour it into 1 liter of water, and enjoy 1 liter of fluids plus 4 GRAMS of sodium. And it’s much easier on the stomach than salt tablets.

So- my opinion:

Honestly, it takes a little while to get used to it. The only flavor is orange, for now, but they are working on developing more flavors in the near future. It’s not bad, but one thing I will say is that it tastes thick. I cant think of a better word to describe it. I guess it has to be thick because there’s so much good stuff in it.

To help get used to the flavor, I started mixing it with things- It’s really good mixed into juice, especially orange juice with a little vanilla extract. It tastes like a cream-sickle!

Anyway, Normalyte is fantastic. Its a great pick-me-up, especially when having a potsie episode, or even just a good start to the day, drinking it right after waking up. I HIGHLY recommend it, even just to use intermittently, or on an as-needed basis. It is full of so much good things for us, Potsies.

You can buy it on Amazon HERE. Go do it. Now. It will be your best decision today.

You can also check out their website HERE.

Try it, then email me at potsienb@gmail.com 🙂 enjoy!