Life after DysConf- Another hospital visit, but not what you think

I think it’s pretty clear that I haven’t written in a while, and here’s why:

So I got home from DysConf, and really should have finished up my conference blog posts, but, to be totally honest, I got lazy. No excuses- I just didn’t write much.

Then things got interesting. I headed out for a run, as I had done nearly every day this summer. It was after dinner and just beginning to get dark out. Let’s call it “dusk.” It was still light out when I left to go running, but I decided to throw on my super-cute reflective-yellow vest, just in case, which turned out to be a good idea because I ended up deciding mid-run to keep going, making it an awesome 5-miler. I had been doing well with running lately, so why not? Sure, it was a little dark, but I had my phone with me, which includes in it a handy-dandy flashlight.

It would be fine, right?


I was viciously attacked by a rogue sidewalk. I tripped over seemingly nothing, sending myself flying forward, trying to brace for the impact against the ground with my arms. Luckily, I didn’t smash my face into the pavement, but I did bend the fingers on my right hand way too far backwards.

As some of you know, I’m an EMT, so I went all “first-aid” on myself, thinking, “I know I’m injured. Where am I injured?” I slowly pieced together that no major damage had been done to any vital parts of my body, and that I couldn’t move my right hand. Okay- I can work with that.

I picked my phone up off the ground to call my parents to come get me from the nearest corner, as I stood up. Bad idea. I blacked out and sat back down. I’d like to be able to claim POTS on that one, but I think it was more anxiety exacerbating my POTS symptoms than anything- I was worried that I had broken my hand…. and also probably a bit worried to tell my dad I had cracked my phone… again.

I called home, asking my parents to come get me, while laying on the sidewalk, and slowly peeled myself off the ground before they showed up. I said very calmly to my mother, “I fell, and I need an x-ray. I think I broke my hand.” After a little while of sitting at home watching “House Hunters,” and holding ice on my hand and wrist, it started swelling, rather than feeling better. Awesome.

IMG_2980I went to the hospital.

I was right.

Long story short- we went at 10pm and got home around 2 am, with my hand in a splint and Codeine in my system. I was told that I had broken two fingers and my wrist, and had torn a whole bunch of ligaments in my hand.

I went to the Orthopedic two days later. As it turns out, I had only broken one finger (my first broken bone ever), but yes, I did tear a lot of ligament fibers. He said to picture it like a rope- I tore a lot of little strands, but the rope itself was still intact, so that was good news, I guess.

I was in a splint for a few weeks, unable to write, and barely able to type, which made trying to do well at my new job even more of a challenge than it had been before. Hence, not posting here for a while. Now my hand is splint-free, and generally doing well.

(PS- note the compression socks I’m wearing. Stylish, no?)

So yeah, that’s my story of why I haven’t posted in a while- I was doing so well with running and getting in a good workout every day that I got careless and tripped. Simple as that. I kind of wish I could claim POTS, in some twisted way, just to have a better story than “Yeah, I’m just a spazz,” but no such luck. So now I’m good to go, and will hopefully write more. Hopefully…..

As always, feel free to email me!—–

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