DysConf 2015: Friday

One day down, two to go, and what a day it has been! 

We got up at what I like to consider the crack of dawn- 7:30 am. My mom and I were headed down here to Herndon, VA for the annual Dysautonomia International Conference, or Dysconf, for short. We left the house by about 8:30, stopping only once on the way down so that I could urinate. Sorry to be blunt, but when you drink this many fluids on a daily (or hourly) basis, nature calls at inconvenient times. 

When we did stop, we figured we might as well get some snacks. There was an “Auntie Anne’s” pretzel place, and we stocked up on salty food and Gatorade, as one does when en route to a Dysautonomia conference. As we were just about to leave the rest stop, though, something unusual caught my eye. 

Pickles. Individually packaged pickles, with their own juice and everything! A strange find, yes, but knowing from past experience that pickles are extremely salty, I had to pick up a package and see for myself what the sodium content was. 920mg for just the one GIANT pickle. And the best part- zero calories! I had to have one. So I did. And you should too.  

So long story short, we got to Virginia, checked into the hotel, went to a random Irish pub for lunch and ate way too much. We then had to go to Kohl’s to find me a sweater because the first floor of the hotel, where the conference is held, is absolutely freezing. It’s truly absurd. I then went to the gym, showered, and we headed down to the bar, where it was fairly easy to tell who was a potsie person and who wasn’t, based on the size of their water bottle.

We socialized, we ate, and we chatted with people some more. I met IAmChronicallyWell, a fellow potsie blogger, and was (and am) totally star struck. We had a moment of “omg I follow your blog,” “I follow yours, too,” which was so cool. (Hi Nicole!) 

Anyway- today has been great. I got to see “my people” again, which doesn’t happen very often. This is probably one of very few places in the world where you can strike up a conversation with someone based on when the last time they passed out was, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Stay tuned for more from DysConf 2015!


2 thoughts on “DysConf 2015: Friday

  1. I loved this post! I had to take my giant drink bottle full off electrolyte water with me to a party the other day, got a few stares but hey. I can’t imagine being at a bar full of potsies! That’d be great! 😆 It sounds like a pretty cool conference. Too bad I’m in Australia and a dysautonomia community is pretty non-existent as far as I’m aware.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Laughed when I saw this- I put a (Hi Nora!) shout-out in my post about the conference too! It was so fun to meet you 🙂


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