College Graduation

Yikes, I haven’t written here in a while. So I guess I should start with the big stuff:

I graduated.

I’m moving.

I’m working on getting a job…

Yeah, that pretty much sums up life right now.

So graduation…. It happened. Finally. I can’t say I wasn’t excited to be finished with college; to say it was a challenge would be the understatement of the century, so I figure that it could only go up from there! So far, I’m finding that I was right. Graduation weekend was great. I spent senior week at home, but went back up to Geneva, NY to go get my super-important piece of paper.

I totally pimped-out my graduation cap, of course. I wasn’t about to be seen walking down the middle of the quad in all-black, with nothing fun to show for all my effort over the past four years. I wanted to make my cap meaningful, so I knew I’d be putting on a big turquoise awareness ribbon for Dysautonomia. I went to Michael’s craft store, expecting to walk away with just a roll IMG_2794of turquoise ribbon, but I ended up coming out of there with two rolls of ribbon (one covered in glitter), black glitter paper for the “background,” white lettering (just in case I wanted to write something), and fake pearl stickers. So here’s the final result:

“Actions Not Words” is a shout- out to my all-girls, private, Catholic high school days at Oak Knoll- Cornelia Connelly is the best. “Lives of Consequence” is part of my college’s mission statement. I really liked the combination of the two, since that’s something I strive for every day. The turquoise awareness ribbon should be self-explanatory, since you’re reading a blog all about what it stands for….

At graduation, we were sitting in the blazing sun on an 80-degree day, in the middle of the quad for about two and a half hours, which, to a Potsie, is something to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, there was no avoiding it this time. I knew that I would have to be able to sit in the heat, in a black, long-sleeved gown for hours, then stand up and walk across the stage, in front of hundreds of people, to receive my diploma.

I did it (but not without some forethought).

I brought a bag with me, pre-approved by the Dean’s office and Campus Safety, that included several must-haves on a hot summer day:

5 bottles of Power Ade

3 rolls of Nuun Tablets (to put in the power-ade, for added POWER…. or salt. Same thing.)

2 hand-held electric fans (because I’m just too hot to handle. ooh la la!)

2 ice packs (to put under my feet and on my neck to cool down)

The bag was heavy, but completely worth carrying across campus to the quad, where I used everything in it. Unfortunately, I could not include a bathroom in that bag, so I just ran out after getting my diploma and came back… no big deal.

All-in-all, it went really well! It was exhausting, and I was completely wiped10957752_10206646235173089_5247089135713434557_n afterwords, but I finished college and was able to walk all by myself across that stage. No cane, no hand to hold onto. I didn’t fall off the stage, either, or pass out, or worry too much about so many people watching me in all my unsteady glory.

I got my glorified piece of paper, which honestly doesn’t seem like much after so much time, money, and energy put into the past four years, but now I can say it’s finally over and I can move onto new things. I can finally leave college behind, like the glitter falling off the back of my cap.


Thoughts? Comments? Share with me!!

As always, If there’s anything in here so far that you can identify with, keep reading as I post. If you can’t relate, but want to read more about my journey as I carry on, keep reading. If not, then I hope you learned something about POTS.

Please message me!-

To all my fellow Potsies, good luck out there!

One thought on “College Graduation

  1. CONGRATULATIONS NORA! I love your cap- I went to a Connelly school for high school too, so I recognized your quote 🙂 May the future bring you all good things ❤


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