My Milestone

There are many events that can be marked as a milestone in any Potsie’s life:

  • First time getting dizzy (aaw, I remember those days!)
  • First time having a pre-syncopal episode
  • First time blacking out
  • First time trying some crazy diet to see if it’ll make our bodies hate us just a little less
  • First time having to lay on the ground in public
  • First time feeling better since being diagnosed (only to sometimes fall right back to where you started….)

Last night was another milestone for me. It was my first time going to the ER for IV saline, (which really isn’t as much fun as it sounds like it would be) and all because of a little stomach bug.

Not to be gross, but I’ve been throwing up quite a bit over the past few days, making it impossible to keep down all the food, fluids, and fluorinef I need for my body to function like a working human being. It’s been a bit rough. Upon consultation with my cardiologist after class yesterday, it didn’t take much for her to say “have someone take you to the ER for a couple liters of saline.” It took me until today to realize how truly disturbing that was. This is the woman who has been treating my POTS for around four years, now, and has never once let me go to the ER for it, or have an IV for it, or anything reaIMG_2448lly… You know, with the exception of fluids, meds, and copious amounts of exercise, which I guess has been working, so there hasn’t been a need to do any of the more drastic measures (that other doctors would consider perfectly normal, but whatever).

Anyway, I walked into the ER with the assistance of my blue and silver “pimp cane,” and my friend’s watchful eye (Shoutout to Clover! You da best!), looking like this: –>

IMG_2453And 2 bags of IV saline, 1 dose of Zofran, and 3 hours spent with my buddy Ben (thanks for staying with me!!) later, looked like this: <–

I REALLY like IV saline right now… I know it’s not the best solution (pun definitely intended) for me personally long-term, and as soon as I can get over this dumb stomach bug, I’ll be back to my routine as usual. In the mean time, though- the observation can absolutely be made that there is a marked difference between my first and second pictures here, and as much as I can totally rock the pale Irish-girl look (and do it fabulously on a daily basis), a little pink in my face looks much better, and feels much better, too!

And when I say ‘much better,’ I don’t mean ‘completely awesome,’ or ‘totally back to normal,’ but it’s better than not being able to sit up by myself. It’s definitely better than having to dive for the floor before I black out. So though IV saline may not be a good long-term option for me, it certainly helped when I really needed it to, which is all I can really ask for, on a day like this.

As always, If there’s anything in here so far that you can identify with, keep reading as I post. If you can’t relate, but want to read more about my journey as I carry on, keep reading. If not, then I hope you learned something about POTS.

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To all my fellow Potsies, good luck out there!