The downfall of this weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun but I feel like I need to recover from it. Today isn’t a bad day, but it certainly isn’t as good as I have been feeling lately.

This weekend started off great and continued to be awesome the whole 3 days. I left work early on Friday to go home for my Grandfather’s surprise 75th birthday party (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, GRANDFATHER). My family came into town for the occasion and we had a great time eating lobster and cake at my house. After all the celebration, my best friend and my boyfriend came over to say goodbye to my roommate who has been staying with me this summer to work in NYC. They stayed until around midnight (way too late for my body to handle, I might add) before going home so we all could sleep.

I got around 9 hours of sleep despite going to bed so late, and got up to get my hair cut on Saturday morning before going to tailgate for 5 hours at a Kenney Chesney concert with the members of my family that had come into town for my Grandfather’s birthday. We set up camp and sat in the parking lot of MetLife Stadium (GO GIANTS) barbecuing and people-watching for a long time before heading into the concert. Even in the parking lot, I was feeling a little bit “iffy.” I was keeping up with fluids, eating salty food, and distracting myself from my symptoms by having a good time with family. Unfortunately, I’m a big fan of the sun. I think that’s where my downfall started. I sit in an office all day, every day, all week, so it was great to be able to sit outside in the sun. The downfall continued as we went into the concert. You know that bass drum that you can feel in your core at concerts and clubs? I guess that affects me for some reason. The more it was in a song, the worse I’d feel during that part of the concert because I could feel it in my chest. Weird, right? I thought so…We got home at around 11, which isn’t too late by normal- people standards, but by mine, it’s another late night.

Yesterday- Sunday- I woke up, went to brunch to say goodbye to my family, then went to another brunch with a few friends from high school. I wanted to have a super relaxing day, especially after the excitement of the previous night, so I went to the pool for the rest of the day. My mom and my sister went, too, and my boyfriend met us there. Again, I was sitting in the sun all day. I’m now quite tan (for me, that is. I don’t actually get tan at all), but it’s still dehydrating to sit in the sun. I later went to a movie and out for ice cream with friends, getting me home around 11:00- another late night, made worse by the fact that I had to get up at 5:45 to go to the gym before work this morning.

This would be a typical weekend for me pre-POTS. It’s busy but not too busy, sunny, and exciting. And I’m paying for it a bit today. I’m certainly not feeling as bad as I could be, but still- it’s frustrating to have to pay for having a good time like this. That being said, I still got up this morning at 5:45, biked 2.5 miles and ran 2.5 miles and am now sitting at my office in NYC. Tonight I’ll get to bed as early as humanly possible and hopefully get up feeling a bit better tomorrow so that the 2.5 mile run is a little easier. I don’t normally have weekends like this since the POTS started acting up because I don’t want to push it too far, but where would I be if I didn’t push limits, right?

This video is about the “Spoon Theory,” which is a good way of describing an illness like this. The woman in the video is speaking about her experience with Lupus, but it also applies well to POTS. Mine isn’t nearly this bad anymore, but watch this video and you’ll understand a little better what I mean when I say that the party on Friday, my friends coming over, the tailgating, the concert, the brunches, the pool, the movie, the ice cream, and the late nights have taken up most of my spoons this weekend. Fortunately, I can get my spoons back. I’m getting them back by biking and running this morning and I’ll get more by sleeping early tonight, but I really need to make sure I’m not so frivalous with my spoons. I can’t afford to give away so many in one weekend. It takes a lot of work to get them all back. I’m not going to have all my spoons back anytime soon, but I’ll take all I can get.

As always, If there’s anything in here so far that you can identify with, keep reading as I post. If you can’t relate, but want to read more about my journey as I carry on, keep reading. If not, then I hope you learned something about POTS.

Please message me!-

To all my fellow Potsies, good luck out there!

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