Dysautonomia International Conference 2014: Day 0

dragged myself out of bed this morning at around 8:40, ten minutes after my alarm had so rudely forced me awake. My mom opened the door to my bedroom asking me: “what are you doing? We’re leaving in 20 minutes,” and standing in the doorway until I sat up and oriented myself to the feeling of being upright. I looked at the clock. She was right; we were going to be leaving in 20 minutes.

Around five hours after grabbing bagels and hitting the road, we arrived here in Herndon, Virginia for the Dysautonomia International Conference!

We walked into the hotel and immediately saw a girl who couldn’t have been more than twelve years old standing with her mother in line to check into their room. She was wearing a band t-shirt, denim shorts, Keds, and…. knee-high compression stockings.

Without missing a beat, my mom turned to me and whispered, “we found your people!” through fits of laughter.

She was right. I found my people. Never in my four years combatting this illness have I seen so many potsies in one place. Or even seen this many potsies at all!


Not much else to report from day 0 of the conference (day 1 is tomorrow). We checked into the conference, got awesome name tags, folders and goodie bags fit for anyone with dysautonomia (guess what was in them!!), and traded stories with some super awesome people. I am super stoked for the rest of the weekend. I think I’m really gonna like it here.

As always, If there’s anything in here so far that you can identify with, keep reading as I post. If you can’t relate, but want to read more about my journey as I carry on, keep reading. If not, then I hope you learned something about POTS.

Please message me!- potsienb@gmail.com

To all my fellow Potsies, good luck out there!

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